Business Partners

Cross Promotion, Joint Venture, Collaboration and Mutual Success are what we thrive on. How about you?

The brand new Running, Travel and Lifestyle Magazine, exclusively for the iPad.

  • The iPad has sold over 100million units and is just getting started.
  • The Partneruner is a revolutionary new way to reach and connect with new readers.
  • Together we can create opportunities to build each other’s business and/or further our cause.
  • Owners of the iPad are statistically more likely to buy your products*
  • We partner with Race Directors, Travel Companies, Corporate Organizations, Charities, Media Outlets and just about anyone where we can add value to each other.
  • We provide vital statistics on the effectiveness of your appearance in the magazine and have several levels of partnership including bespoke solutions.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be part of something exciting as we go further together.